Cosmetics Industry / Foods Industry
cosmetics industry

Cosmetics Industry

Leading Names in the Cosmetic and
Filling Industry throughout Europe
rely on Dr. Franke as a supply partner.

Custom made forms and templates
as well as quick access to a large
" standard " Godet range.
Products can be made from lacquered,
aluminum and sheet tinplated sheets.

Download yourself our special-catalog
with more then 200 different powder-
All standard-forms simply is available
for a short time.
Have yourself inspired through our
multiplicity and send us your own
requests and designs.

We likes to produce you an individually-it-offer.

Catalogue of godets
godets from our standard range
custom made metal jars
standard metal jars
custom decoration/embossing
customized powder pans
custom decoration/embossing

Foods Industry

Metal-closure Technology

Dr. Franke supply the Cosmetic,
Pharma and Food industries with
metal closure solutions.
We are able to produce customised
caps using Aluminum, lacquered or unlacq.
Brass with/with-out embossings.
pp caps
metal caps
metal locks in colored design
special locks from brass
company imprinting in the lock